Facial Acupuncture:
Cosmetic Acupuncture is a safe, healthy, holistic approach to aging for those who don’t want cosmetic surgery or injected chemicals. Its aim is to remove wrinkles, lift sagging skin, address muscle tension and treat underlying deficiencies. It is also referred to as constitutional facial acupuncture, acupuncture facelift, non-surgical face-lift, or facial rejuvenation. 

How It Works:

Facial Lines:
For lines in the forehead and face we insert hair thin needles in under the line creating a micro-trauma that the body then fills in with collagen to repair it.  During the course of 6-8 treatments, the collagen continues to fill in the line and the line gradually disappears.  

Sagging Skin:
For sagging skin around the nose and naso-labial grooves and near the chin and neck we use trigger points to stimulate lazy muscles to fire again lifting the skin and creating a more vibrant appearance.

Brightness in the Eyes:
For every facial acupuncture patient we do "Constitutional Treatments" addressing imbalances and deficiencies in Qi and Blood that maybe causing the issues at a root level. And, we do points to relieve stress and it's effects. Most people quickly regain a vibrant shine in the eyes which the Chinese call having good "Shen" or spirit reflected in the eyes making one feel and look younger, vibrant and full of life.

What To Expect:
The program for Facial Rejuvenation is 6 to 10 treatments, 1-2 treatments a week for three months. The effects are different for each person based on their constitution and health. Treatments are gentle and gradual and accumulate with time.  Lifestyle and diet are addressed, as overall health is reflected in the face and skin.  Patients usually notice results after 4 to 5 sessions. Treatments take about an hour and are supplemented with take home Chinese herbal formulas to improve the underlying constitutional deficiency.

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