These are trusted practitioners whom I highly recommend:

Chiropractor:  The best Chiropractor in LA -Located near La Cienega and San Vicente.  Her diagnostic skills are unparalleled. 
Dr. Jill Ruesch-Lane

Hair Stylist & Colorist:  This fabulous British master of hair has an exclusive bungalow experience in Hollywood and is, quite simply, the best.
Derek Smart
Tel: 323-461-8818

Massage Therapist: One of the most incredible healers I know
John Vosler

Veterinarian: Dr. Annie is fantastic and she does Acupuncture for Animals!
Dr. Annie, Animal Wellness Center

Esthetician:  A Special Experience From the city's Best
Taylor Davanzo

Dentist:  A Holistic Dentist who muscle tests the materials he uses for compatibility to your body.
Dr. Raymond Silkman, DDS

Psycho Therapy:  Simply the Best.
Dr. William Caplan