ALLERGY FREE Herbal Medicine

ALLERGY FREE Herbal Medicine



  • Clears Nasal Passages & Sinuses
  • Stops Sneezing & Headaches
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • No Drowsiness
  • No Tolerance Over Time
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We have created modern versions of Classic Chinese Herbal Formulas used effectively to treat disease for hundreds of years. Through scientific research and clinical experience, these herbal formulas have been found to be effective yet gentle with few to no side effects unlike western pharmaceuticals. We welcome questions and are available for herbal consults, or see your local acupuncturist.

What It Is:
This formula will quickly clear nose and sinuses and reduce inflammation & itching from allergies due to pollen or animals.

How To Take It:
Herbs are plant based with few side effects, unlike pharmaceuticals.  The gentle nature of herbs necessitates larger doses; think of them as healing foods.
Herbs for Allergies are most effective when taken in 3-4 doses per day with dose size adjusted by personal response.  Increase dose for a stronger response as needed. For best long term results, take with “Immune Builder”.

Cang Er Zi, Xin Yi Hua, Huang Qin, Chi Shao, Ge Gen, Bo He, Bai Zhi, Ju Hua, Man Jing Zi, Jin Yin Hua, Lian Qiao, Lu Gen, Tian Hua Fen, Nan Sha Shen, Mai Men Dong, Gan Cao

Phone Consults:  Available by Appointment Only

Dosage based on body weight. Take for a minimum of 6-8 weeks.  Most effective when used with weekly Acupuncture.
Body Weight      Daily Total
100-140 lbs       4 Caps 3x day
140-170 lbs       5 Caps 3x day
170-210 lbs       6 Caps 3x day
210-250 lbs      7 Caps 3x day
Over 250 lbs     8 Caps 3x day