• Builds Antibodies IgG & IgA
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Nourishes Qi, Blood & Energy
  • Treats Root Cause of Susceptibility
  • Prevents Frequent Colds, Flu & Allergies
  • Builds Wei Qi (Defensive Energy of Body)
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We have created modern versions of Classic Chinese Herbal Formulas used effectively to treat disease for hundreds of years. Through scientific research and clinical experience, these herbal formulas have been found to be effective yet gentle with few to no side effects unlike western pharmaceuticals. We welcome questions and are available for herbal consults, or see your local acupuncturist.

What It Is:
The Prevention of Disease is one of the most important functions of Chinese Medicine. The herbs in this Immunity Building formula enhance the body’s natural resistance to external pathogens including pollen, viruses and bacteria by building up the “Wei Qi” or Defensive Energy of the body’s immune system.  Research shows that these herbs increase IgG and IgA production inhibiting the influenza virus and increasing immune function.

Immunity • Natural Herbal Immune System Booster!  With Reishi, Astragalus & Cordyceps! • Chinese Herbs • Keep Allergies, Colds & Flu away! Immune Defense Shield Stimulator!

BUILDS ANTIBODIES: IgG & IgA antibodies protect the body from Infection. This “Immunity” formula is clinically proven to INCREASE IgG & IgA antibody cells in the body that fight infection, keeping you healthy.

IMMUNE SYSTEM RISKS: Germs, Viruses & Bacteria are everywhere. And when you’re tired or run down, your Immune System & Antibodies are weak and susceptible.

TAKE IT EVERYWHERE: Airplanes, Coffee Shops & Schools are the riskiest places for catching a cold or flu. Before you go to places you know people and kids around you are sick, don’t take risks, take “Immunity” herbal supplement before exposure.

POTENT HERBS: Contains the strongest herbs in scientific research - Astragalus, Cordyceps and Reishi - to help build immunity antibodies and enhance the body’s resistance to pathogens including pollen, viruses, bacteria, colds, flu in the workplace and on airplanes.

SUPERIOR QUALITY: Unlike most Immune supplements, ours is encapsulated in California in a GMP FDA certified facility with herbs tried and true for centuries. You get fast, effective results without having to worry about potential side effects or quality.

“Immunity” Herbal Immune System Booster -Helps keep you doing the things you love!

Natural Potent Herbs!
Contains the strongest herbs in scientific research - Astragalus, Cordyceps and Reishi - to help build immunity antibodies to pathogens including pollen, viruses, bacteria, colds, flu in the workplace and on airplanes.

Getting sick creates an inability to be active and enjoy life and makes you take time off from work. “Immunity” is a safe effective natural herbal product to build the immune system.

Tips from Clinical Experience:
Take "Immunity" before and during traveling and when those around you are sick. Can be taken long term.
-Increase dose when exposed to illness, lower when you’re not.
-Better than gummies, tea, probiotics or essential oils.

100% All Natural Ingredients
Only all natural herbs are used, no vitamins,no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no gluten, no dairy encapsulated in California. No animal testing, no toxic chemicals, no pharmaceuticals.

Non-GMO natural ingredients manufactured in the USA in cGMP facilities registered with the FDA. Many supplement companies add toxic ingredients; we formulate ours with powerful herbs used for centuries and backed by scientific research.

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Ingredients:  (Details on each herb at end of page.)
Huang Qi Astragalus, Bai Zhu, Fang Feng, Wu Wei Zi, Dong Chong Xia Cao Cordyceps, Ling Zhi Reishi

Ingredients (A few highlights)
-Huang Qi (Astragalus) Increases Antibodies, builds Qi and Immune function.
-Dong Chong Xia Cao (Cordyceps) One of the world’s top tonics, promotes antibody production.
-Ling Zhi (Reishi) A rare, precious, and very expensive herb, it Increases resistance to pathogens

Immunoglobulin G (IgG), the most abundant type of antibody, is found in all body fluids and protects against bacterial and viral infections. Immunoglobulin M (IgM), which is found mainly in the blood and lymph fluid, is the first antibody to be made by the body to fight a new infection.

Immunoglobulin A (IgA), also referred to as (IgA) is an antibody that plays a critical role in immune function in the mucous membranes.

Research shows that these herbs in "Immunity" increase IgG and IgA production inhibiting viruses & bacteria and increasing immune function.

Dosage based on body weight.  
The Immune Builder is best taken when one is not sick for the purpose of  preventing future illness. 
Most effective when used with weekly Acupuncture.

Body Weight      Daily Total

100-140 lbs       4 Caps 3x day
140-170 lbs       5 Caps 3x day
170-210 lbs       6 Caps 3x day
210-250 lbs      7 Caps 3x day
Over 250 lbs     8 Caps 3x day

Huang Qi Astragalus:
A common herb used in Cantonese soup recipes for more than 2000 years, it is used primarily to treat spleen qi deficiency. Huang Qi works by imparting qi into the blood and allowing it to flow throughout the body, pushing out toxins and pus, and renewing skin while also alleviating pain and numbness.

Huang Qi Astragalus has a specific focus in the immune system, helping to enhance and regulate the normal immune functions. This, in turn, helps the body’s ability to resist disease. Research:
One study done on patients with histories of frequent colds and flu found those using Huang Qi Astragalus had a 2.7 times lower risk of infection, and a shortened duration if they became ill.[1]  It can fight fatigue by boosting metabolism and improving or preventing anemia.  It has also been shown to have an antibacterial effect.[2]  Huang Qi Astragalus can also help maintain the heart’s normal rhythm by enhancing the heart muscle’s ability to contract, thus maintaining blood pressure.
Channel:  spleen and lungs
Temp:    slightly warm
Taste:     sweet

Dong Chong Xia Cao Cordyceps:
Cordyceps sinensis (Dong Chong XiCao Cordyceps) is considered one of the top three tonics in the world. Introduced during the mid-Ming Dynasty, this herb strengthens the immune system by working to promote production of antibodies.  It was made famous during the 1993 Chinese National Games when nine Chinese women runners broke nine world records. Their coach attributed it to an herbal formula that included Dong Chong Xia Cao Cordyceps.
It can be used as a sedative and anticonvulsant, and has been shown to improve respiratory function in cases of asthma and emphysema.[3]  There may be an improvement in cardiac arrhythmia with use of Cordyceps sinensis.  From a western perspective, Dong Chong Xia Cao Cordyceps strengthens the immune system by by enhancing the phagocytic activities of macrophage.

Dong Chong Xia Cao helps the body resist fatigue, improve cardiac, liver, and respiratory functions, adjust blood lipids, increase testosterone, help manage blood pressure, aids in fertility, and is beneficial when dealing with diabetes. Chronic respiratory problems due to yin deficiencies can be remedied by the herb. In addition to the many benefits listed, it also tonifies the kidneys and rejuvenates the yin and yang in your body so that qi may flow more easily and strengthen your immune system.
Channel:  lungs and kidneys
Temp:  warm
Taste:  sweet

Ling Zhi Reishi:
This medicinal mushroom is one of the rarest and most precious plants in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Research shows that it significantly enhances the immune system. 
Ling Zhi Reishi rejuvenates qi and helps with a number of ailments including asthma, coughing, and digestion. It not only is good for the body, but helps calm the soul by allowing qi to flow throughout the body without being stopped; therefore it has inherited the nickname “the herb of spiritual potency”.
Natural Herbal Immune System Booster
One of its most essential elements is its antibiotic properties, which helps prevent further illnesses by building up Qi in the body. Its anti-tumor properties work in conjunction with the strengthened immune system to improve heart function and strengthen the bones and joints.  
Ling Zhi Reishi has shown to quiet the discomfort of nerve pains in the legs, feet, and hands,[4] and soothe the cough of chronic bronchitis. Lin Zhi Reishi promotes restful sleep, which provides more energy and supports mental functioning.
Channel:  heart, liver, lung
Temp:  neutral
Taste:  sweet

Bai Zhu:
This herb is found in multiple formulas in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its main functions work to invigorate Qi and strengthen the immune system and gastrointestinal tract. Bai Zhu is used to cure spleen and stomach qi deficiencies, dry dampness and eliminate water accumulation, stop spontaneous sweating, and stabilize pregnancy if there is a restless fetus due to malnutrition. It can improve motility through the gastrointestinal system while preventing ulcers, helping balance the body’s water levels, and regulating blood sugar levels.[5]  
Modern research has shown it useful as an adjunct in relieving stress. It is a dynamic herb because it not only treats diarrhea, but constipation as well, depending on the dosage.
Channel:  spleen and stomach
Temp:  warm
Taste:  bitter, sweet

Fang Feng:
This particular Traditional Chinese Medicine is used for treating common complaints like headache and generalized body aches, and is a popular treatment for the pain of rheumatoid arthritis. Fang Feng is one of the most effective herbs for treating wind-heat and wind-cold conditions that are accompanied by body aches and pains. Targeting the spleen, liver, and urinary bladder, it helps to relieve pains within the body and to soothe the internal organs. This herb also relieves itching that may be a result of the wind, and is highly effective in treating dermatological disorders. Pain due to arthritis is minimized with this herb, and it also relieves cramps and muscular spasms. By giving a boost to the body’s immune system, this herb helps restore balance in the body’s systems during febrile episodes.[6]
Channel:  urinary bladder, liver, spleen
Temp:  slightly warm
Taste:  acrid, sweet

Wu Wei Zi:
It’s name literally means Five Flavored Berry. Its anti-oxidant and anti-aging effects are a result of its immunity-improving properties. Qi deficiencies in the lungs and kidneys may lead to a severe cough, which can be easily treated with Wu Wei Zi. This sour fruit stops excess sweating by helping the body retain more fluids, thus preventing dryness in the lungs, kidneys, throat, and liver. The herb not only heals the organs that are affected because of the loss of water, but it calms the soul by balancing Qi. The water retention that this herb provides is essential to regulate the body’s functions and helps fortify the body’s immune system.

In formula combinations, it is used to soothe cough and control asthma.[7]  Its inherent anti-inflammatory properties combine with the immune boosting effects to help people fight off disease and restore energy levels.[8]  The anti-aging effects can also provide improved vision and increased stamina, and supplement the body’s natural resistance to stress.
Channel: kidney, lung heart
Temp: warm
Taste:  sour

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