Acupuncture for PMS


Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is becoming much more widely researched and focused on in the women’s health community. This could be because of the social media influence, how it is more acceptable to openly talk about, or the rising practice of more eastern traditions in order to help manage symptoms and cure these types of conditions. Millions of women each year report monthly symptoms including bloating, headaches, hormonal acne, irritability, and severe mood swings. Previously, doctors and practitioners would either put women on hormone dominant birth control pills to suppress their menstruations or dismally send women on their way with no alternative to their agonizing condition.

Luckily today, there is a rise in eastern medicine. These types of practices include traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture. But what do these practices entail and how can they help your hormonal imbalance that is causing these painful symptoms?

Practitioners, like Robert Youngs, are able to identify imbalances within one’s body by analyzing the flow of the patient’s blood and energy, or qi. Cramping and pain that is associated with PMS is due to a stagnation of qi. The overall flow of energy throughout our body stems from our Liver Qi. When this energy becomes blocked, blood builds up in the uterus, creating bloating, discomfort, and pain during monthly menstruation.

Acupuncture is a great alternative to some damaging western medicine practices. It is a therapy that involves pricking the skin or tissues with needles to help the body reconnect and communicate with the brain and central nervous system. As the needles are inserted into the corresponding energetic pathways, energy is unblocked, a new equilibrium is created, endorphins are released, and the nervous system then encourages healing. During a session of acupuncture for PMS, the needles release the qi blockages. Most women have reported feeling clear-headed and less pain within 45 minutes of a session, with less bloating and an improved mental state.

It is recommended by many practicing practitioners to pair acupuncture sessions with traditional herbs. Robert Youngs offers two blends that are specifically designed for PMS and women’s hormone imbalance issues. These include Women’s Harmony and Women’s Relief. His ingredients within these supplements are, of course, the highest quality and non-GMO, sourced from trusted places around the world. The traditional formula you find within these two supplements that he has modified with contemporary herbs is Jia Wei Xiao Yao and is taken for 2-3 months. The level of pain has been shown to decrease by about 40% each month. Periods have also been reported to be much lighter and regular. Once this hormone re-balance is achieved within the patient, the dosage is slowly decreased until they are completely off of the herbs.

For more information on herbal supplements, or to schedule your next appointment for acupuncture for PMS, please visit Robert Youngs Los Angeles Acupuncture office.