Best Essential Oils for Productivity

Essential Oils for aromatherapy is a viable option for increasing productivity

-Robert Youngs Acupuncture

Being productive entails a remarkable memory, concentration, and great cognitive ability. This is necessary to get work done efficiently. Achieving this may be difficult. Luckily, there are a few essential oils that will improve memory, boost concentration and increase brain activity so that you can tackle any work that comes your way.

Essential oils extracted from various herbs that have been proven to be effective in increasing productivity were combined into a potent and effective product called Focus Room & Body Spray which can easily be used in aromatherapy. Within this article, the various essential oils used in this product and their effects on one’s productivity will be explored.


Rosemary essential oil capabilities reach far and wide and many studies were conducted to explore each one. For instance, rosemary has been linked to improved cognitive functioning. In fact, in a 2003 study, participants who used rosemary oil in aromatherapy, and inhaled its fragrance while taking an exam, saw an increase in their cognitive functions. These results show a lot of promise and have piqued the interest for further research.


Peppermint has a nice minty aroma that can do wonders for your body. For one, studies have proven that it, not only, provides relief from mental exhaustion and boosts cognitive function but it also lowers stress and anxiety. This makes it an impressive choice when you are taking exams or in a stressful situation.  


Fresh basil leaves are a nice addition for seasoning your pot and bring the taste of the meal to the next level. Additionally, it has been proven to fend off the common cold, making it a notorious medicinal herb. Furthermore, the essential oil that is extracted from the basil is also used in aromatherapy. Research has shown that the basil health benefits extend beyond its medicinal properties to refreshing the mind and enhancing alertness.


The Jasmine flower symbolizes beauty and sensuality. But coupled with its sweet fragrance and aroma, Jasmine essential oil has many health benefits which also includes the mind. In studies, Jasmine’s essential oil has been linked to a release of hormones in the brain that helps to improve mood and sharpens the mind. This helps to increase productivity due to enhanced cognitive function.

Palma Rosa

One’s mood heavily depends on the hormones released in the brain. When you inhale the aroma of the Palma Rosa, it relaxes your muscles and nerves, which helps to loosen up your entire body and fatigue will slowly melt away. Furthermore, it helps to alleviate depression by uplifting your mood.

Roman Chamomile

Roman chamomile, also known as chamomile, is notorious for its calming effects. Thorough research has shown that it decreases negative moods such as irritation, anger, and annoyance. And, what's even better, is that chamomile is safe and effective for children. Chamomile tea and chamomile aromatherapy can also combat depressive symptoms and uplift the spirits.


The cardamom flavor is complex. Words used to describe it are spicy, minty, herbal and even citrusy. Its popularity has increased drastically after studies have proven that the use of cardamom has been linked to decreased cholesterol levels. When it comes to one’s mood, studies have shown that using the cardamom essential oil as aromatherapy, fights depressive symptoms and improves your mood.

In addition to the aforementioned herbs, the essential oils of Coriander, Bergamot, Vetiver and Ylang Ylang is also added to the product of Focus Room and Body Spray. These herbs come with essential health benefits that include:

  • Antidepressant properties

  • Mood enhancing properties

  • Sedation from strong negative emotions such as fear, shock, and anxiety

Along with Focus Room and Body Spray, Robert Youngs Acupuncture in Century City and Culver City has a diverse array of  essential oils products that are of the highest quality and efficacy, to combat the most common health problems. They offer Acupuncture, Cupping and herbal formulas to help with stress and other pain issues and hormonal balancing.

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