Boost Immunity with Herbal Immunity Pills

Every day we’re exposed to germs, viruses, bugs, and microorganisms fighting to crawl into our bodies and get us sick. That’s why it’s important to have a healthy immune system to kill germs before they turn into illnesses. The immune system is the control center that keeps the body healthy and free of toxins. Made up of organs, tissues and interdependent cells, it’s essentially the body’s armor defending against infectious antigens or foreign agents.

When an immune system is healthy, it recognizes enemies, multiplies and goes into attack mode. But what if an immune system is weak, or needs an extra boost? Then those enemies are the ones that take control. But just because they’ve won the battle doesn’t mean they’ve won the war. Herbal immunity pills are a natural and effective immune system booster that provide abundant benefits to keep you healthy and less susceptible to illness.
*Be sure to see “How to take them for best results” at the end of the article!

Why Herbal Immunity Pills are an Immune System Booster

  • Builds Antibodies IgG & IgA

Infections and germs are inevitable, but antibodies within the body protect us from them. For those who feel especially vulnerable to sickness, it’s important to build up those antibodies that fight foreign agents with immunity herbal remedies. IgG and IgA are antibody cells that protect the body from infection, so that you can stay healthy. Our Immunity formula contains the strongest herbs in scientific research - Astragalus, Cordyceps and Reishi. Astragalus increase antibodies, Cordyceps is a high-quality tonic that promotes antibody production, and Reishi is a rare and expensive herb that increases resistance to pathogens.  

  • Rejuvenates Qi, Blood & Energy to Build Defensive Energy

The body’s vital life force, Qi, is the flow of energy through the body that form a cohesive balance. When the body is in balance, it’s better equipped to defend against potential threats like infections, allergies, colds, flu bugs and virus’. “Immunity” is an immune defense shield stimulator, fighting against any potential threats to your health by nourishing Qi, and increasing the defensive flow of blood and energy in the body.

  • Treats Root Cause to Prevent Colds, Flu and Allergies

While western remedies treat symptoms of colds, allergies and flus, they don’t actually treat the underlying root cause of the illness. Furthermore, they don’t build immunity to prevent illnesses from returning. Herbal immunity pills help boost the immune system by treating the root cause of susceptibility to certain infections and illnesses like seasonal or common colds, flu bugs, and allergies.

Prevent Illness with Herbal Immunity Pills

Fall is the perfect time of year to start taking Herbal Immunity pills, because when the seasons change and as we roll into winter, flu bugs, common colds and allergies are everywhere. Immunity herbal remedies like “Immunity” can be taken long term, and we recommend increasing the dosage when exposed to sickness. Germs are all around us, so take your “Immunity” pills wherever you go to prevent illness. If exposure to sickness is unavoidable, or you’re visiting high-risk areas like coffee shops, the gym, or a school, take your “Immunity” pills ahead of time.

How to Take Them for Best Results:
1. I usually advise my patients to take “Immunity” herbal formula at a low dose, 2-4 capsules each day for 2 weeks as we head into Fall.
2. Then - If you know you’re going to be around sick people or will be traveling in a plane or will be around a large group of strangers, shaking hands,
-- take 4-8 capsules, 3x day starting 1 day before you travel and continue during travel/exposure. May seem like a lot, and you can take less, but there is no downside to really boosting your immunity strongly and preventing illness.

Having a strong and healthy immune system is crucial to defending against potential threats, but sometimes we need a little extra boost. Herbal Immunity Pills are gentle, effective, and supported by scientific research and clinical application. Our herbal immune building formula is one of the best ways to prevent getting sick this Fall or Winter.

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