Breathe Easy This Fall with Sinus Congestion Herbs

As Fall unveils its beautiful colors, it’s difficult to enjoy them when suffering from allergy attacks, a stuffy nose or a throbbing headache. Let’s face it, blocked sinuses can make the simple and organic task of breathing become difficult. But before you opt to hibernate until next Summer, here’s why sinus congestion herbs can help you breathe easier, and get you back outside to revel in the gorgeous weather.

Why Seasonal Changes cause Sinus Congestion

Ever notice that as soon as the weather starts to cool, we get plagued by sniffles and sneezes? Generally, this is because the sinus channels are blocked. Sinuses are located in the face; behind the cheekbones, in the forehead and around the eyes. They’re connected to the nasal cavity, and ordinarily membranes that produce mucus push it through the nose to drain. However, infections, bacteria and allergens floating around in the brisk Fall air cause mucus tissues to swell, creating a blockage that disables the mucus from draining. As a result, inflammation creates a great amount of pressure which ultimately manifests into a sinus headache, puffy eyes, difficulty breathing and can even cause pain and pressure in the ears.

These debilitating symptoms can last 4-12 weeks, which means that instead of enjoying the lovely changes Fall brings, your season gets hijacked and replaced with the feeling of being buried under the lofty weight of sinus pressure. Rather than battling to breathe this season, try Sinus Clear, nasal congestion pills that are a natural and proven effective solution to blocked sinuses.

Effective Relief With Sinus Congestion Herbs

Now that we know why our sinuses get clogged this time of year, let’s get right to the solution. While it might be tempting to grab an over the counter remedy from the drug store, often these drugs can make you feel drowsy and stuffy, without providing any true treatment to recurring seasonal health problems. That’s why we recommend a natural alternative that yields powerful results. Sinus Clear is a non-drowsy, 100% natural, drug-free herbal formula that promotes nasal and sinus health using 11 natural herbs including Cocklebur, Magnolia and Feng Fang. Sinus Clear sinus congestion pills provide relief from congestion, headaches, and pressure in as little as 60-90 minutes, helping to revitalize and ease the nasal passages for clear breathing.

This powerful herbal formula provides quick, effective and long-lasting nasal congestion relief. Instead of hibernating, now you can breathe easy, play in the leaves with your kids, and actually smell those oven-fresh, homemade cookies your grandma just baked. With sinus congestion herbs, nothing’s slowing you down this season.

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