Sinus Congestion Herbal Remedies for Blocked Sinuses

Perhaps the most fundamental element of our existence is our breath. We inhale and exhale all day long, we even look to our breath when we need to feel grounded. We rely on it during yoga, and when we’re stressed or angry, we are taught to breathe through it. Yet sometimes, this seemingly simple act becomes difficult. No one understands this better than those suffering from sinus congestion. When the nasal passages becomes inflamed, it can be difficult to breathe.

Sinus blockage can occur as a result of a common cold, allergies, nasal polyps or a deviated septum. If you’re having trouble breathing due to blocked sinuses, these sinus congestion herbal remedies can help to clear the nasal passages and help you get back to your breath.

Sinus Congestion Pills

Chances are that if you’re having trouble breathing it’s because of seasonal allergies, or floating bacteria that is causing the nasal passages to inflame. Sinus Clear is a gentle and effective decongestant formula utilizing herbs like Cocklebur, Magnolia and Feng Fang, to quickly clear your sinuses to ensure free breathing.

How to use Nasal Congestion Pills: Herbs for Sinus Clear are most effective when taken in 3-4 doses per day with the dose size adjusted by personal response. The dose may be increased for a quicker and stronger response as needed. Although the dose size may seem large compared to a one pill a day artificial drug, sinus congestion herbs are a wonderful natural alternative to artificial ingredients included in over the counter drugs.

Sinus congestion pills are most effective when combined with acupuncture.

Sinus Congestion Essential Oils

The main reason we suffer from allergies and contract seasonal illnesses is due to bacteria and germs in the air. A defensive way to protect against sinus congestion is to spray an essential oil onto the body. “Breathe” is an aromatherapy mist containing essential oils which help to open the chest, clear nasal passages and promote lung health. It’s a completely natural mist combining healing oils like Marjoram, Ravensara, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Coconut Oil. It also contains deep sleep aromatherapy benefits to help with sleep apnea, snoring and relaxation.

How To Use “Breathe”: Shake the bottle well and mist the body about 4-6” away, avoiding sensitive areas and eyes. Spray it on your wrists and chest, and rub it onto the bottom of your feet.

Sinus Congestion Herbs Los Angeles

Breathing is the foundation of our existence. It’s beautiful and organic, yet sometimes when we suffer from blocked sinuses, it can become more frustrating than usual. That’s why we need a little help exhaling the bad and inhaling the good with sinus congestion herbal remedies.

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