Stay Healthy this Fall with Herbal Formulas

Fall is that wondrous time of year when summer fades away, leaves start to change and a cool breeze drifts in from the California coast. It seems like overnight we’re all gravitating toward warm beverages and cozy nights in. Yet as we navigate our way through fall and into the most wonderful time of the year, pesky flu bugs and common colds creep their way into our homes to disrupt the seemingly perfect splendor fall invites.

The truth is that seasonal discomfort is real and debilitating with a myriad of ailments including allergy attacks, stuffy noses, blocked sinuses, lingering colds, flu bugs and more. It seems like everyone has their own seasonal discomfort that arrives on their doorstep along with the fallen leaves. Just because these uninvited guests show up doesn’t mean we have to host them. Here’s how to stay healthy this fall with herbal formulas.

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Sinus Clear for Seasonal Allergies, Nasal Congestion and Colds

Trying to function with blocked sinuses is frustrating to say the least. Inflammation from infections or allergies swells up and blocks drainage channels and resulting symptoms like headaches, pressure in the face, and thick mucus can cause difficulty breathing. Sinus Clear is an effective and natural formula of sinus congestion pills, combining a powerhouse of sinus congestion Chinese herbs that work as quickly as 60-90 minutes to provide long-lasting, effective relief from nasal congestion, lingering colds, and seasonal allergies. These nasal congestion pills are all natural.

Whereas artificial, over-the-counter drugs may provide temporary symptom relief, true healing takes place when our natural, plant based formula is taken 3 times a day in larger doses. Sinus congestion herbal remedies alleviate nasal congestion by opening the nasal passages to minimize pain and discomfort, so you can breathe easier and actually taste that yummy matcha latte.

Immunity Herbal Remedies for Allergies, Colds and Flus

Ever hear someone chalk up their incessant knack for catching every cold, flu bug or virus that’s swirling around this time of year to a poor immune system? Hey, we’re not here to refute that. However, what most people don’t realize is that just like a muscle, immunity can be built, toned, strengthened and boosted with herbal immune system boosters! That’s where our Immunity Herbal Formula steps up to bat with its high quality and effective herbs. In order to keep allergies, colds and flus away, the body needs a strong defense by building antibodies that enhance the body’s resistance to pathogens including pollen, viruses, bacteria, colds, and flu.

Immunity features Reishi, Astragalus & Cordyceps, the strongest Chinese herbs in the world, that boost immunity by building up IgG & IgA, antibody cells that fight infection, and actually treat the root causes of susceptibility to allergies, colds and flus. Furthermore, these immunity pills increase the flow of blood and energy, and strengthens Wei Qi, the defensive energy of the body to keep you healthy and free of infections.

With the Immunity formula, those that are susceptible to catching any and everything don’t have to suffer from seasonal bugs. With a strengthened immune system, you can breeze through fall and winter by retaining seasonal health, not discomfort.

A Natural Fall Health Routine to Ward Off Seasonal Discomfort

While our Natural Herbal Formulas are clinically proven effective, all natural, and plant-based to keep you healthy this Fall, they’re even more effective when combined with Acupuncture for immunity. It also doesn’t hurt to stock up on fresh ginger and garlic, button up on those chilly days and keep the shelves stocked with your favorite soup ingredients.

Fall is too beautiful to miss by staying inside due to debilitating cold and flu symptoms.

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