Traditional Chinese Herbs for PMS Relief

Many women can relate all to well to PMS symptoms. Whether buckled in the fetal position in bed clutching a cramping stomach, or riding the rollercoaster of emotions every month, PMS can cause discomfort, even pain. What’s worse, these debilitating symptoms get in the way of professional and personal lives. If you’re looking for long term relief in the form of natural remedies for PMS cramps and symptoms, Chinese herbs for PMS are a great treatment option.

Two natural and effective herbal formulas for PMS are Women’s Harmony and Women’s Relief, both available in our Chinese Herb store. Here’s how these natural herbal formulas can help relieve symptoms of PMS and help foster a harmonious cycle.

Women’s Harmony for PMS

To minimize PMS symptoms, a woman’s body needs to be harmoniously balanced. “Women’s Harmony” is a is gentle, effective, and natural herbal formula that helps provide relief from all menstrual symptoms. Dang Gui is an herb including compounds, called phytoestrogens, that create balanced levels of estrogen in women's bodies to reinforce hormonal balance. Herbs like Dang Gui and Xiang Fu are used to treat the root cause of menstrual issues by balancing hormones, smoothing liver qi stagnation, tonifying the blood and boosting spleen function. These PMS herbs also eliminate cramps, bloating and acne, regulate menstruation, and stabilize mood swings. “Women’s Harmony” effectively alleviates painstaking symptoms of PMS, so that the body is balanced, happy, and healthy.

How to use “Women’s Harmony”:

We recommend using "Women's Harmony" 25 days of the month to balance hormones. Then, during the 4-6 days of PMS and menstruation, stop using "Women's Harmony" and start "Women's Relief" to address symptoms of pain directly and forcefully. Resume taking "Women's Harmony" when the menstruation flow ends.

Women’s Relief for Menstruation

For menstrual cramps, herbal remedies are a great solution. While “Women’s Harmony” is used to alleviate symptoms of PMS leading up to menstruation, “Women’s Relief” provides effective, long term pain relief during menstruation. This natural herbal formula can replace Ibuprofen and minimize cramping and excessive bleeding. Powerful natural herbs including Tao Ren, Xiang Fu, Hong Hua, Ai Ye and Pu Huang address the root causes of PMS and menstrual symptoms like irritability, bloating, breast tenderness and clots.

The root cause of cramps and menstrual pain is liver Qi Stagnation, which leads to deficiencies of blood and energy. Deficiencies affect hormones and mood swings, causing pain from stagnation in the meridians. “Women’s Relief” increases blood flow, effectively breaking up stagnation, warming the uterus and ceasing pain. With “Women’s Relief”, you can say goodbye to muscle cramps, and hello to pain-free periods.

How to use “Women’s Relief”:

For powerful, long lasting treatment of PMS and menstrual pain, “Women’s Harmony” should be taken for 2-3 months to regulate the cycle and relieve pain. Then, during menstruation, stop taking “Women’s Harmony” and take “Women’s Relief” when experiencing menstrual pain or discomfort.

The natural harmony of being a woman shouldn’t result in pain, discomfort and PMS. That’s where herbs for pms come to the rescue to balance hormones, stabilize moods, and relieve pain.

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