Chinese Herbs for PMS


It happens every month. Suddenly, as if overnight, emotions sprout up out of nowhere, the world around becomes more irritating than usual, and physical changes in the body invade and debilitate. Do these symptoms sound familiar? If so, you’re certainly not alone.

75% of women suffer from unwanted symptoms of PMS every month. While many women ride through the rollercoaster of emotions or seek relief from western pharmaceuticals, symptoms of PMS can be effectively reduced by implementing Chinese Herbs and herbal formulas, with little to no side effects.

Why PMS Causes Imbalance in the Body

7-10 days before menstruation, women experience hormonal shifts which set forth a wave of undesirable symptoms associated with PMS. Several organ systems in the body communicate to keep the body in balance, however, when women experience symptoms of PMS, Liver Qi is energetically imbalanced, or stagnated.

Resulting symptoms like bloating, cramping, nausea, and irritability are ripples of the imbalance. Chinese herbs work to stabilize hormonal shifts, and regulate the body’s Qi, to bring energetic flow back into the body.  

Why Chinese Herbs Help PMS

For thousands of years, Chinese Herbs have helped ailments, disease, and symptoms. Presently, there are herbal formulas for most modern illnesses.

However, most people don’t suffer from singular symptoms; often there are many factors contributing to pain, which is why an Herbal Formula like Women’s Harmony is a great natural remedy to effectively treat multiple symptoms.

When women suffer from PMS, hormonal changes throw the body’s Qi, or life force, out of balance. As such, we find that when Women’s Harmony or an herbal formula like Jia Wei Xiao Yao is taken for 2-3 months, the level of PMS cramps and pain decrease by about 40% each month and pain decreases from as high as a 9/10 down to a 1 or 2/10. The period also becomes more regular. This means that hormonal balance has been achieved. At that point, we slowly decrease dose size until they are off of the herbs.

A major benefit of using Chinese Herbal Formulas is that through extensive scientific research and clinical studies, herbal formulas have provided long-term relief with little to no side effects. Which means PMS symptoms can be treated, rather than replaced with side effects that commonly accompany pharmaceutical pills.

How to Use Chinese Herbs For PMS

When women experience symptoms associated with PMS like bloating, irritability, mood swings, and depression, it’s a sign that hormonal balance needs to be restored. Chinese Herbs and modern Herbal Formulas help restore hormonal balance and minimize symptoms of PMS.

Unlike western pharmaceuticals, in which people are accustomed to a one-pill-a-day, instant cure-all, herbs work slowly and effectively over time to provide long-lasting, often a permanent relief.

While single herbs can be instrumental to healing, when herbs are combined into a formula they are capable of being more powerful than single herbs alone. Synergistically, the formula heals the body and keeps the blood and Qi in movement.

It’s important to remember that natural healing takes time, but with consistency, symptoms can drastically minimize.

Additional Natural Remedies for PMS

Women’s Harmony combined with lifestyle choices such as a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise can contribute immensely to a healthy and balanced Qi, and provide long-term health benefits to significantly reduce the symptoms associated with PMS.

If PMS symptoms are infringing on your well-being, incorporate Chinese Herbs for relief and long-term treatment. Less PMS, more healthy living.

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