Cupping for College Students

Cupping for College Students With 100% covered services for UCLA Students.

Let’s face it. In this modern, fast-paced digitized era where hunching over laptops and small phone screens is the norm, we often don’t realize the weight of stress our bodies endure while trying to keep up with busy schedules. Possibly, no demographic understands this better than college students.

Between exams, finals, cramming, work and resorting to excessive amounts of caffeine to strike a balance, pain sets in and ultimately takes a back seat to more pertinent priorities.

Accompanying this routine are symptoms that run the gamut like back and neck pain, anxiety and insomnia. As such, a natural remedy to help students relieve tension and stress --and ace those finals-- is Cupping.  Cupping has also become popular due to famous celebrities use of it like Justin Bieber, Michael Phelps, Jennifer Aniston & Kim Kardashian.

UCLA Students

For UCLA students with UCLA UCSHIP insurance plans, there is 100% coverage for all services at Robert Youngs Acupuncture.  This includes unlimited visits for acupuncture, cupping, herbal supplements, massage, estim, moxa., all covered by the student insurance plan. There is even a $15 Uber credit given for visits to Robert Youngs Acupuncture, only 6 min Uber ride from the University of California Los Angeles Campus.

What is Cupping?

You’ve seen more and more athletes and celebrities attributing their accomplishments to this trending phenomenon known as Cupping. However, Cupping is a centuries-old tradition that ’s gained mainstream attention as Olympians, celebrities and athletes have begun advocating for its health benefits.

So, what exactly is Cupping, and how could it be used to help exhausted college students?

Cupping is a Chinese practice that employs glass or plastic cups to create suction on the skin. In doing this, blood flow is increased and disperses lactic acid which helps release muscle tension. It can be used to target a wealth of ailments such as allergies, flu, cold, muscle aches and more.

Cupping can be combined with Acupuncture or used alone as a healing method to improve the flow of Qi, or vital life force, through the body’s meridians to minimize pain and discomfort. Student athletes can especially benefit by using cupping to help treat injuries. However, most people experience pain on some level, which makes plastic cupping a great, introductory and non-invasive solution to common symptoms.

Plastic Vs. Glass

Traditionally, fire cups are used to create heat, which is then placed on the skin to create a suction that lifts the superficial muscle layer into the cup. The glass cups can be moved around the skin to treat a large area. However, there are also alternative methods to cupping which are proven equally effective.

Using plastic cups is a good alternative to the traditional fire method because they are stationary. When plastic cups are placed onto the skin, a pump attached to the cup releases air, creating a suction effect.

The suction poses as an inverse massage, pulling up toxins, tissues, and muscle into the cup to release tension. Following the process, the skin leaves markings that vary for each person and usually last about 7-10 days. These markings do not hurt and most people describe the experience of Cupping as relaxing, pain-free, and effective.

Plastic cups are easy to use, and may be a more approachable way to begin Cupping Therapy for those hesitant to try the traditional fire cup method.

College students get accustomed to overworking themselves, taxing their reserves and ultimately burning out. Cupping Therapy can help minimize pain and restore balance so that students can focus on their studies without the pain and exhaustion that usually accompanies them.

Got a quick break in between classes? Schedule an appointment with Robert Youngs to learn more about the long-term benefits of Cupping.  Visit our location in Century City near Beverly Hills.