Getting ELECTRO Acupuncture! (Beauty Trippin)

Lily: Never thought, this would be happening. Ready for beauty tripping Naz?
Naz: Oh I can’t wait. I’ve never done it with you before.
Lily: I know, please excuse my really dirty car.
Naz: Eww. Lily, there’s a lot of bird poop on this car. Okay, so the clue says a shocking experience, that scares me that makes me feel like, we’re gonna get electric shocks or something.
Lily: Oh I guess I didn’t even think of it like that, I was just like oh well I mean a lot of the stuff on this show is shocking.
Naz: You didn’t think like electrocution shock.
Lily: No but I showed because we’ve done that so many times.
Naz: Did you ever let someone tase you?
Lily: Why would you ever do that, no! Voluntarily?
Naz: You would,
Lily: Just to like learn how it feels, what would be the point? Okay, so we are, that’s my
acupuncturist. Is that where we’re going?
Naz: Yeah, it’s right there.
Lily: Okay.
Naz: Dude, we are getting acupuncture?
Lily: Oh, he has the kind that will shock you.
Naz: I’ve never done that.
Lily: That all make sense.
Naz: That’s scary.
Lily: I get it.
Naz: I’ve never done acupuncture before.
Lily: Oh it’s amazing. I do it all the time. I went for the show once
Naz: Did you?
Lily: Since I’ve been going back for last two years now. Okay.
Naz: I feel like acupuncture is for rich people.
Lily: No, insurance covers it.
Naz: Does it, really?
Lily: I paid 20 bucks.
Naz: Oh my god, no way.
Lily: That’s it.
Naz: I thought it was like chiropractor or something.
Lily: And he has a really cute dog.
Naz: Really?
Lily: Yeah. Dakota.
Naz: Ohh!
Lily: I know, I told you. And she does tricks.
Naz: She does tricks. Can you do yoga? You do yoga? Good Job.
Lily: Is that a dog that just done downward dog?
Naz: Yes.
Robert: Good girl.
Robert: Oh hi, don’t worry about me. She is the main attraction, we know that.
Lily: I actually just come for the dog therapy. This is Naz.
Robert: Naz!
Naz: Hi, I’m little nervous
Robert: Look at you. Hi Naz, I’m little nervous.
Naz: Am I being electrocuted?
Robert: Yeah, we’re gonna, well she was saying that you might be a little bit nervous about this so I thought we would get the bigger deeper needles and just really, no, kidding.
Naz: Okay. Nice, subtle.
Robert: Yeah, we will do a nice gentle stress relieving treatment for you. It’ll be fun the needles are so small, I’ll bet you I can put two needles in you without you even noticing.
Naz: Alright, let’s do it.
Robert: Yeah, okay, let’s do it. Hear here, please.
Naz: On the deathbed?
Robert: Face up. Deathbed!
Naz: Laying down on my deathbed.
Lily: I just, needles for some reason don’t scare me.
Naz: I don’t think I’ll be scared when it’s in, it’s the visual.
Robert: So question for you, also, what do you got going on, can we talk to, about really quickly about your medical stuff, have you any
digestive issues, you have any sleep issues, you have any, you know, everything..
Lily: She is like nodding, yes.
Robert: Nodding to everything.
Lily: Yes, yes.
Robert: Hold on, let me get the list.
Naz: D – all the above. So I have a lot of trouble pooping.
Lily: Everyone watching, Naz is single. She is available.
Robert: Let’s move down here a little bit.
Naz: Are you going towards my feet?
Robert: Well I wasn’t gonna actually do the feet, I was thinking that I might actually one that’s a little bt closer to like the leg.
Lily: There is one in.
Naz: I feel like you need a face mask, if you’re gonna be near my feet.
Lily: I don’t smell.
Robert: That’s funny. So now the question is,
Lily: There are two in your feet.
Robert: The question would be
Naz: I feel it a little when you put it in, but it doesn’t hurt
Robert: Yeah.
Lily: That’s what she said.
Robert: I lost my bet though. I lost my bet but that’s like you are probably responsible for that. I had a bet going with you that I could out two without you even noticing but did you notice the first one?
Naz: Yea, because Lily said you have one in.
Robert:  Lily!
Lily: You, she made a noise when you put it in.
Naz: Wait, I kind of feel them in my leg
Robert:  So you might start to feel a little bit of an energetic flow with some of these.
Naz: So putting needles in my leg is helping my stomach?
Robert: Yeah, so the energetic pathways in the body are called meridians in
Chinese medicine. You’ve probably hear of these, right?
Naz: Yeah.
Robert: So they’ve been mapped out so there is a stomach channel that flow all the way through  here, there is a kidney, spleen channels, liver flow through this direction and up in here, here and here. So let’s do one up here again, on this LI 11 point.
Lily: So get a nice closer look.
Robert: So this is a really good heat clearing point here. I’m just gonna kind of, can you feel it?
Naz: Yeah. What is LI 11 mean, are they all numbers?
Robert: Yeah, they are large intestine channel.
Naz: Got it.
Lily: Duh!
Robert: So for you that’s a good point. Right flow will clear your large intestine. This point here is large intestine 4, right in the hand, this is the point that a lot of people talk about as being great for headaches because it’s the command point of the head and face.
Naz: Right.
Robert: Let’s do like the hormonal balancing points down here, a little spleen six action here. How much stress you feel like you’re under?
Naz: A lot. I mean I’m getting needles put in my body with like three cameras.
Robert: And what about in life, in general, with your work schedule, shooting and all that. Do you feel you’re a bit stressed?
Naz: Living my best life.
Lily: Well that’s one of us.
Naz: I’m definitely, yeah I’d definitely say I’m more on the very stressed side of the spectrum.
Robert: Okay.
Naz: So is Lily.
Lily: Yeah, he knows.
Robert: Just gonna pull this out so that as we do your ear, you can check out what’s happening. You can treat the entire body just using ear point and so some people will use ear points and put it again with the east end on them so that it just stimulates them for constantly for half hour. Many acupuncturist myself included will put either magnets or little ear tacks into the ear for people to take with them especially for things like some addiction, certain pain issues,
Naz: Wow. Can I get a needle for my Taco Bell cravings?
Robert: Oh yeah , well where’s the Taco Bell point.
Naz: Probably save me a lot,
Lily: The entire thing.
Robert: Let’s do a couple more points in the abdomen for the constipation and we’ll hook up some E-stim to those.
Lily: As I’m looking over this, as if like I’m helping.  Yes, like why don’t we do it next.
Robert: Can we?
Naz: Lily, help me.
Robert: Can we, can we?
Naz: Lily can you?
Lily: The high waisted, oh this is my assistant.
Robert: My assistant is going to help with the shorts.
Lily: Like never thought this would be happening.
Naz: This is the closest Lily and I have ever been.
Robert: Agreeing, moment for everyone.
Naz: So scary. Feel like prepped.
Robert: Okay, so let me go grab the E-Stim. So it’s got a couple of dials, well a lot of dials doesn’t it only a couple of them matter for you. We’re going to mix so we can alternate which vibration we do. One is gonna be fast and once is going to be slow, doesn’t need to be superfast.
Naz: A vibration.
Robert: Yeah.
Lily: It’s like a buzz.
Naz: Like a sex toy.
Lily: Yes.
Naz: What’s happening right now Lily?
Lily: It’s the cutest little tiny car jumpers but like this big.
Naz: That doesn’t scare me at all.
Lily: So small.
Naz: Thanks Lily.
Robert: So let’s turn it on slowly. So first two you’re gonna start to feel are gonna be this one and this one,
Naz: Okay.
Robert: Right, so just let me know when you start to feel it, slowly turning it up.
Naz: Okay, I feel it.
Robert: Yeah, so that’s slow.
Naz: This is so cool.
Robert: That’s fast, you feel both those frequencies?
Naz: Yeah.
Robert: Yeah.
Naz: Wow, that’s so crazy.
Robert: She likes it.
Naz: It’s vibrating.
Robert: So with E-Stim, what’s happening is we’ve attached electronics to the needles and they’re creating an electrical stimulation.
Naz: So can you do this on everyone or like in what cases do you use this specific treatment?
Robert: Well that’s a good question. Women who are pregnant, you don’t wanna use it for people with the heart conditions or epilepsy, probably not the best but for the people with pain, chronic pain, PCOS just things you want to stimulate more.
Naz: So can you guys get out so I can take nap already.
Lily: She is already asleep.
Robert: And she is out.
Lily: Gonna go, just put this here.

A few moments later.

Naz: Needle time.
Robert: Needle time, alright let’s turn that E-Stim off. Let’s turn this off.
Lily: Did you zone out a little bit?
Naz: Yeah,  like my body feel like energized.
Lily: That’s even if it doesn’t like fix the exact pain I’m having, it just helps overall.
Naz: Yeah.
Robert: That’s the sound they make when they come out.
Lily: Definitely came from them.
Naz: Okay Lily, your turn now.
Lily: Okay
Naz: Let’s do it.
Lily: Okay, so if anyone watching doesn’t know that I have a really
bad back mostly from like bad posture and editing for like 18 hours at a time.
Robert: Editing, note to audience, though for real if you start to get these kinds of pains in your body that are sort of chronic and don’t want to go away, you definitely want to see how you’re sitting at desks. How, what repetitive motions you do and break them up.
Naz: I’ve never seen someone put a needle in someone back.
Robert: So that’s good.
Naz: Lily that didn’t hurt you?
Lily: I literally can’t even feel it.
Robert: That’s true.
Naz: Can I do on?
Robert: Yeah sure.
Naz: Okay, let me try. I’m gonna do this one.
Robert: How is that? Great, yeah you wanna, hold on, Naz you wanna keep it in one place
Naz: Well how do I know which, where to do it.
Robert: Well you wanna, hold on I’m gonna go back to me for a second, you wanna pop it there and find it, that, you feel that.
Naz: Okay, can I do that, I can do this.
Robert: Okay.
Naz: Ready Lily?
Lily: This isn’t funny.
Robert: Really well done. That was very impressive.
Naz: Lily, are you proud of me?
Lily: I’m gonna sue you guys
Naz: I totally had it.
Robert:  So just for the record, I did not let her do that.
Naz: Lily, how do you feel?
Lily: Good, I have one more spot.
Robert: Yes, oh you do, where?
Lily: Like, little left, yeah, like there somewhere.
Robert: Yeah, there it is. I felt
Lily: Yeah.
Robert: I felt. So when you go in you kind of feel a combination of both material substance but also an energy like a dam of a river has been holding something up and then it just.
Naz: Mind blown. Alright, can we electrocute her?
Robert: Yeah, let’s electrocute this.
Naz: This is crazy.
Lily: Don’t they look like a little car things
Naz: Yeah, I feel like we are operating on a hot wheel or I feel like this is the game operations.
Lily: Yeah, I’m on the same page with you.
Robert: Okay, so what do you saw we crank up this one and this one first?
Naz: I don’t know the carburetor needs some electricity.
Robert: Yeah, we will get up to that one.
Naz: My accent is so bad.
Robert: Naz, what are you doing? You go up and walk up a ton. Of course you know how to do that accent, forget about it.
Naz: Lily literally looks like the back of the television set. I feel like we will be able to watch a Netflix on her forever. So how long do you usually keep these on?
Robert: We keep these on for usually 20 to 35 or 40 minutes, that’s a good time, yeah.
Naz: Lily, how do you feel?
Lily: Dead.
Robert: She already started to zone out a bit.
Lily: Literally like, can you guys leave.
Naz: Alright Lily, I’ll be back in 20.
Lily: I’ll be here.
Robert: Good Luck.

Twenty minutes later.

Robert: That was so good.
Naz: I know.
Robert: Great Idea, we went to in-n-out.
Lily: I hear you guys in there.
Naz: Are you ready to get up now?
Lily: No, but I guess we have to now, that’s really sad.
Robert: That’s noise so just laughs.
Lily: Oh good bye and by good bye, I mean just come on.
Robert: Bye
Naz: Thank you.
Lily: Just come on.
Robert: Did they just steal my dog?
Lily: Okay, so did you like it today?
Naz: So I loved it but I feel like I need to go back and get the full experience because I really just want nap now.
Lily: Yeah, well now at least you know that it doesn’t hurt and that you’re not like scared of the needles but you could actually just like enjoy it.
Naz: Yeah, I’m actually pretty proud of myself because I was I really get squeamish but they really aren’t that bad.
Lily: I feel like anyone even if they were scared of the needles, as long as you aren’t looking at them it’s big deal at all.
Naz: Totally.
Lily: And it helps, you know just like.
Naz: Alright, let’s go take a nap now.
Lily: Okay, bye.
Naz: Bye.