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Internally Powerful

A clean essential oil mist infused with Cedarwood & Eucalyptus to create feelings of external power and grounding.

  • Cedarwood creates feelings of internal strength.
  • Eucalyptus Expands the lungs & chest.
  • Opens the root and sacral chakras the source of personal power.
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🌿 Promotes Balance

🌿 Steadiness and Integrity

🌿 Stimulates The Pineal Gland Regulating Sleep

🌿 Stimulates The Hypothalamus

🌿 Regulating Hunger, Thirst, Sex Drive and Mood




A bright, rich, clean smell.  Superior aromatherapy. NO Alcohol, NO animal testing, NO toxic chemicals. Made with love in California. The highest quality non-GMO natural essential oil aromatherapy ingredients backed by scientific research

 Every bottle is mixed by hand with positive energy after meditation (no mass machine production). Therapeutic Grade Essential oils are selected for this aromatherapy spray to create an exceptionally powerful mental, emotional and physical effect.


The “I AM” Series
To be who you truly are you have to come out of what you are not. You are not these thoughts churning through your mind; you are not these roles you play. You are simply “I Am” -the observer - who you are without attachment. In the play we call life, the “I AM” Series helps us play our various roles gracefully and successfully.

The ”Internally Powerful” Spray

  • Uses Cedar wood to promote feelings of internal strength.
  • Promotes balance, steadiness and integrity.
  • Stimulates the pineal gland regulating sleep.
  • Stimulates the hypothalamus regulating hunger, thirst, sex drive and mood.

The Story of “The I Am Series”
I studied with several philosophy and spiritual teachers who taught me to meditate. The more I meditated the more aware I became of my strengths, weaknesses and the thoughts constantly churning through my brain. I find that by varying the essential oils I use instead of cologne each day, the thoughts & quality of my day change with them.

Experience Internal Power:
A fabulous aromatherapy mist infused with 2 essential oils; CEDARWOOD & EUCALYPTUS will expand your sense of self while balancing and grounding. From the experts in herbal medicine at Robert Youngs Acupuncture in Beverly Hills California.


Suggested Use:

  • For External Use Only, Do not ingest.
  • Shake Well: Mist body with bottle about four to six inches away, avoiding sensitive areas and eyes.
  • Spray on wrists, chest, bottoms of feet 3-5 pumps, rub together, let dry. 
  • Not designed for but may be used in diffuser.

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