75 % of Americans Say They Eat Healthy

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75 Percent of Americans Say They Eat Healthy β€” Despite Evidence To The Contrary

πŸ‘  A healthy goal should be to eat until you are β…” full. How do we do that?  
The principles of meditation can help - use the physical body to come into the present moment.
πŸ˜‡  First, simply feel your body sitting in the chair, feel the place where the sits bones touch the chair.  Take a breath. You can only feel that here, now (you can’t feel it in the future or the past), you are now present.
πŸ™   With this simple consciousness, begin to eat. Keep in mind, the first 2-3 bites are the best and most enjoyable so bring consciousness to those bites.  

-Someone I recommend for Yoga Nidra Meditation is John Volser @ http://johnvosler.com/classes/

Some solutions:
-  πŸ΅  Have some hot water with your meal -the spleen/stomach in Chinese Medicine love warmth. So by giving them hot water with your meal you aid digestion.
- 🍜  Have soup with your meal -turn that roasted chicken into a great soup!
- 🌰  A few almonds before each meal -
Studies show almonds increase the feeling of β€œfullness”, so eating 1.5 oz before a meal cuts appetite and desire to eat, that’s about 30 almonds.

From a recent article on npr.org:
β€œWe're living at a time when more than 80 percent of Americans fail to eat the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables. At the same time, many Americans overeat refined grains and sugar.”
Based on a poll, the majority of Americans think they eat healthy when evidence proves the contrary.

Experts say this is due to πŸ‘Ž consumption of large portions, 😰 eating too often and the 🍟 marketing of unhealthy food by the food industry.

Read the full article here: http://goo.gl/9BVU8p

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