Caffeine & Coffee -Intelligent Use


  Caffeine - How to use IT, not let IT USE YOU!
It's not that Caffeine is bad, it's the random, haphazard use of it over long periods of time that destroys our bodies.   

Half-Life Example:  8 hours after drinking one cup of coffee (200mg caffeine) you'd still have 100mg of caffeine active in your system, another 8 hours 50mg active (-the caffeine has a half-life). So caffeine even 6 hours before bedtime will cause sleep issues and prevent the deeper more rejuvenating levels of sleep. 

It's no wonder we're seeing patients with adrenal fatigue, sleep issues, poor digestion and hormonal imbalances. 

How to use it Intelligently:
1. No Caffeine after 2pm
2. Go 2 days on 3 days off of caffeine AND
3. Then you can do 2 months on, 1 month off

"But I'm addicted, I get physical headaches if I don't have it every morning."
Ok So:
How to stop the mindless dependence on Caffeine:  

First you'll need to cut the dependance on caffeine so that you're able to go without and not get physical withdrawal symptoms. 

️ 1. First recognize your dependence on caffeine and want to make a change. 

2. NO "Cold-Turkey":
Find a weekend (about 5 days for most people) to make the Transition and do it slowly by using caffeine from a different source like yerba mate, or tea. 

3. Increase water & fiber intake during transition & a bit of sea salt. This helps to change the blood chemistry and also help the bowel movements during transition. (There are some great herbs for this also, see formula called "Nourish" or "Poo" on my website.)

Do you know Shawn Stevenson's book "Sleep Smarter"?

It's much more than the most helpful and accessible book on sleep ever written. He also gives great scientific, practical, useful INFO on how to use Caffeine Intelligently.  There is chapter in the book on Caffeine and how to use it intelligently that you can read and put in to action in under 10 minutes.

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