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Resolve root issues of dry skin, brittle nails, thirst, split ends, dry stools, constipation which are usually Yin & Blood deficiency, lack of fluids and qi deficiency.

May be used with "Poo!" laxative formula for constipation.

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🌿 Nourishes Dry Skin, Brittle Nails, Dry Stools

🌿 Nourishes Blood & Yin

🌿 Increases Peristalsis

🌿 Moistens Large Intestine

🌿 Resolves Root Constipation Issues




All Natural Herbs: Sheng He Shou Wu (Fleeceflower Polygoni Multiflori), Xuan Shen (Black Figwort Root Scrophularia), Mai Men Dong (Lily Turf Root Ophiopogonis), Sheng Di Huang (Foxglove Root Rehmanniae), Da Huang (Rhubarb Root)

Our ingredients are the highest quality non-GMO natural ingredients sourced from around the world. Our supplements are manufactured in the USA in cGMP facilities registered with the FDA. Many supplement companies add toxic ingredients; we formulate ours with powerful herbs used for centuries and backed by scientific research.


How It Works:
This is a two stage process that should be followed to achieve regular bowel movements by first treating the branch, or the symptom of constipation using a purgative formula like "Poo!".
Then the root cause of constipation is addressed using a second, strong nourishing formula like "Nourish". The root cause is usually due to deficiency heat in the large intestine, blood deficiency and a lack of proper peristalsis. 

*It’s not enough to stimulate a great bowel movement. For long term health without dependence on medicine or supplements, you must build the blood, yin and qi of the body so that natural healthy bowel movements occur.
End the need for supplements by helping your body restore what it needs at a root level. That is the goal!

“Nourish” Symptoms:
Difficult to pass bowels that are dry, chronic dry skin, brittle nails, thirst, dry stools, split ends, 

Important Directions from Clinical Experience
Using Nourish & Poo together:


Start with 1 dose with dinner & 1 dose before bed with a full glass of water each time (see body weight chart). It is a powerful formula so best to have some food in your stomach. 

You should have a moderate bowel movement the next day.  If not, repeat the process that evening increasing both doses by 2 capsules. Increase by 2 caps per dose until desired results are achieved. 

Part 1
Once you have a full, complete bowel movement 3 days in a row, you can start slowly decreasing dose of “Poo!” by two capsules every 5 days.
BUT, please use in conjunction with "Nourish" to properly address the root cause -the underlying issue causing the constipation in the first place.
The cause is usually blood or yin def.  A 2nd type of cause is simply stress with liver qi overacting on the stomach and large intestine.  For this type, you should add in "Relaxative".

Part 2
Take “Nourish 3x daily for 3-6 weeks, to address the underlying cause of most constipation which is deficiency of moisture, blood, and too much heat in the bowels. If bowel movements stop during the 3-6 weeks, simply add “Poo” back in for one night every now and then as needed. 

Treat the Root Cause of Constipation: To simply “detox” or “flush” the bowels without nourishing fluids will create dependance. Our goal is for you to Live Free without the need for supplements! Use both formulas now for long term health later. 

Theory of Treatment:
Treating Constipation is a two part process that should be followed to achieve regular bowel movements.

  • First- treat the branch, or the symptoms using a strong purgative formula -"Poo!”.
  • Second- treat the root cause by using a second, strong nourishing formula Nourish”. The root cause of constipation is due to deficiency heat in the large intestine, blood deficiency and a lack of proper peristalsis.

The specific nature of this process creates an experience that is unique to each individual. It is used to teach the body to do it’s natural bowel movement job.  This process will make sense by following the directions and will help the user not to become dependant on an outside source to have bowel movements.

Theory of Treatment:
Treating Constipation is a two part process.
First- treat the branch, or the symptoms using a strong purgative, laxative formula -“Poo!”.
Second- treat the root cause by using a second, root cause, symptom specific formula like “Relaxative” or “Nourish”.


Follow instructions above.  The reason for the detailed instructions is so that the root issue is addressed which will prevent dependency on herbs for future bowel movements.

Dosage Size:
100-110 lbs I 4 Caps 3x day
110-140 lbs I 5 Caps 3x day
140-170 lbs I 6 Caps 3x day
170-210 lbs I 7 Caps 3x day
Over 210 lbs I 8 Caps 3x day

*Most effective when used with weekly acupuncture.

Foods To Promote Soft Stools and Ease Bowel Movements
(in cases of excessive heat or energy stagnation) include banana, papaya, orange, milk and yogurt.

Foods To Relieve Constipation
(due to insufficient energy and blood) include walnuts, sesame, almonds and other oil-rich nuts.

Lubricate The Intestines:
hemp seeds, black sesame seed, spinach, banana, sesame seed oil, honey, pear prune, walnut, pine nut, seaweed, cauliflower, beet

Foods That Promote Bowel Movements:
cabbage, papaya, coconut, sweet potatoes, asparagus, fig, bran

Demulcent Herbs:
marshmallow root, flax seed, psyllium seed

Laxative Herbs:
senna leaf -Fan Xie Ye, Da huang Rhubarb Roo, dandelion root, barberry bark

Flora-Enhancing Foods:
miso, sauerkraut, see or dairy yogurt, kefir, dark greens, alfalfa greens



Sheng He Shou Wu:
increases peristalsis, moistens the intestines and promotes bowel movements. It nourishes yin and blood especially in patients recovering from chronic illness, elderly or post-partum women.

Xuan Shen:
clears heat and nourishes yin. With Sheng Di Huang it clears heat in the ying (nutritive) level and supports the flourishing of yin. When Mai Men Dong is added with Xuan Shen and Sheng Di Huang, the yin is further supported. The body fluids become more moistened allowing yin and blood to flourish. 

Xuan shen (Radix Scrophulariae / Black Figwort Root):
clears heat in the ying (nutritive) level and nourishes yin. It is used for conditions of excess heat accompanied by drying up of body fluids.


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