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Aromatherapy mist infused with 3 essential oils; PEPPERMINT, SANDALWOOD & CEDARWOOD to sharpen Perception. 

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🌿You are The Observer -play your roles with enhanced perception. 

🌿Sandalwood & Cedarwood establish a solid base.

🌿Peppermint awakens crystal clear perception and insightful observations.





Only Therapeutic Grade Essential oils are used.
Superior aromatherapy. NO Alcohol, NO animal testing, NO toxic chemicals. 

Each bottle of essential oils is formulated and labeled by hand, no mass production. Made with love in California.


The “I AM” Series
To be who you truly are you have to come out of what you are not. You are not these thoughts churning through your mind; you are not these roles you play.

You are simply “I Am” -the observer - who you are without attachment. And in the play we call life, the “I AM” Aromatherapy Series helps us play our various roles gracefully and successfully.

Perceptive Spray:
“Perception” spray uses Sandalwood & Cedarwood essential oils to establish a solid base in the I AM of the Self and Peppermint aromatherapy to awaken crystal clear perception and insightful observations of the world you encounter

Every bottle is mixed by hand with positive energy after meditation (no mass machine production). Therapeutic Grade Essential oils are selected for this aromatherapy spray to create an exceptionally powerful mental, emotional and physical effect..

The Story of “The I Am Series”
I studied with several philosophy and spiritual teachers who taught me to meditate. The more I meditated the more aware I became of my strengths, weaknesses and the thoughts constantly churning through my brain. I find that by varying the essential oils I use instead of cologne each day, the thoughts & quality of my day change with them.

Try It - Experience The Difference
Other sprays that stink of alcohol based perfumes and artificial fragrances don’t compare. This aromatherapy mist is created by the experts in herbal medicine at Robert Youngs Acupuncture in Beverly Hills California. 

Sandalwood Essential Oil
Considered to be sacred oil, sandalwood has been used during praying rituals and meditation sessions for more than 4.000 years. Woody and earthy, sandalwood is best known for its calming and relaxing effects. The oil extract from sandalwood has been shown to efficiently sedate inflammation, anxiety, fear, stress and restlessness. An excellent sedative, sandalwood essential oil calms the mind, allowing you to enter a peaceful state of mind, relieving anxiety, stress or negative thoughts. It can be used to induce relaxation and to promote concentration and positive thoughts.



  • For External Use Only, Do not ingest.
  • Shake Well: Mist body with bottle about four to six inches away, avoiding sensitive areas and eyes.
  • Spray on wrists, chest, bottoms of feet 3-5 pumps, rub together, let dry. 
  • Not designed for but may be used in diffuser.

Ways to Use Aromatherapy Blend:

  • Spray essential oils onto palms or rub on chest, throat or/and feet.
  • Try on your bed sheets, pillow, comforter at night or diffuse in room.
  • Spray on paper tissue or on back of your palm and sniff.
  • Try spraying on your chest, throat, back and feet. Steam inhalation - Add 4-5 sprays to a bowl of hot water (not boiling), cover your head with a towel, close your eyes and take in several deep breaths.

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