Beauty, Succulents, Nature

A new Succulent for our office! 🌳  

💕  I never could have imagined the amount of joy I would get walking by this beautiful succulent in it’s creative arrangement every day. I find myself pausing and smiling every time I walk by!  

😊  And it’s little embarrassing but, I have a confession….at week two of having this plant, patients started saying, “yes, I know you got a new plant, you showed it to me last week.”  Blush…

💡  Maybe there’s something for me to learn here….what do you think?

👏  I’m so grateful to the creative horticultural artists @TheJuicyLeaf for the succulent and its gorgeous arrangement!

🔬  There’s a study out of Stanford University that showed nature has an impact on our emotions in a very positive way. They suspect that urban environments are linked to the increase in depression and that a simple walk in nature can decrease negative thoughts and rumination.

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