Body Language to Feel & Be More Powerful

Can "Power Posing" change your life in meaningful ways?
Using a few simple tweaks to body language, Harvard researcher Amy Cuddy discovered a way to help people become more powerful. With over 38 million views, it's a favorite!

Step into your power in any situation: simply hold a "power position" (arms up in victory stance and legs wide apart) for two minutes and it will change your blood chemistry!  The study showed cortisol (the stress hormone) will decrease, and testosterone will increase- making you feel more confident from the inside out. 

The study was already successful but they also thought "can power posing for a few minutes really change you life in meaningful ways"?. They took videos of two sets of subjects in job interviews - but before the videos were shot, one set of subjects held an arms crossed over the body slumped position for two minutes, the other set the power position.  With no knowledge of what had gone on before, coders then watched the videos and overwhelmingly chose the power poses as the ones they would hire. 

I first came upon this TED talk as I researching the wonderful effects of acupuncture on decreasing cortisol, the stress hormone. I've heard yoga teachers talk about some of the poses in yoga as being similar to "power poses" and their effects on the body.  
It's a great TED Talk. 

 Watch it on the TED website at:

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