🍐 Asian Pears - A “Seasonal Food” with medicinal benefits! 🍂

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🍐  Asian Pears - A “Seasonal Food” with medicinal benefits! 🍂

When the weather is dry and cold you can help your body by eating foods that nourish fluids and yin. ⛄

👉   Some great suggestions come right from miss Mother Nature - “seasonal foods”!

Asian pears are a great Fall/Winter seasonal food as are Walnuts (I've talked about those in another article/blog post).  

💡  Taste Tip  - I love Asian Pears sliced with a bit of lemon juice 🍋   drizzled over them!  They are a great healthy “Pack a Lunch” snack or dessert and you can see I’ve done exactly that in my photo!

👏   Asian pears, unlike European ones, are round and are firm to touch when ripe. They have a brownish yellowish outer cover and have a juicy crisp white center inside. Their texture is similar to that of an apple. Although, these pears tend to be on the pricier side, their benefits outweigh their expense.

Let’s get into the medicinal benefits of Asian Pears.
Asian pears (
Pyrus Pyrifolia), go by many names such as apple pear, Japanese pear, Korean pear, Nashi pear and snow pear, and can be found in almost any grocery store or Chinese market.

Health Benefits of Asian Pears:
During the fall season when the air is particularly lacking moisture, our lungs are subjected to dryness which can end up causing sore throats, dry nose, constipation, dry cough, dry skin, nose bleeding and mild colds.

Good news - Asian Pears have great medicinal benefits:
Asian Pears Moisten Dry Skin:
For those of us who suffer from dry skin during the cold season, eating Asian pears help to promote overall skin health and can be used to remove dark circles from under the eyes.

Asian Pears Moisten Lungs & Help Loss of Voice:
If you are suffering from bronchitis, asthma or a dry cough, add some Asian pears into your diet to help relieve symptoms. Asian pears help eliminate excess mucus, stop cough and nourish the lung qi.

Better Bowel Movements:
Being high in fibre, Asian pears help you to feel full longer which, accompanied by low caloric content, can help you maintain or reach a healthy body weight.  And the fibre helps to promote better bowels movements. See article on Walnuts for further bowel benefits from a food.

Eating Asian pears daily during the cold seasons can help boost your immune system and strengthen the overall health of your body.

Asian Pears Vitamins and Nutrients:
Another great thing about Asian pears is the nutrients. Asian pears are high in fibre, low in calories and a good source of Vitamin K and C, copper, and potassium.  

Potassium is important for your body’s cells, organs and tissues to function properly. It is one of your body’s most important electrolyte that helps to counteract high sodium content in other foods and lower high blood pressure.

Like potassium, fibre is also important in maintaining the overall health of your body. It helps to promote healthy blood pressure levels, healthy blood cholesterol levels, and is essential for intestinal health.

Vitamin K and Copper:
Both vitamin K and copper are important for your body’s bone and blood health. While vitamin K is vital for helping your body’s blood clotting abilities, copper is essential for the production of collagen, red blood cells and your body’s overall energy.

Vitamin C
The next important micronutrient found in Asian pears is Vitamin C. It helps with the growth and repair of body tissues, maintaining and repairing bones and teeth, and is a great aid in helping wounds heal. Vitamin C also helps your body absorb iron and acts as antioxidant in your body which in turn helps with cancer prevention.

Asian pears can also relieve restlessness, dissolve mucus, mitigate retina pain and lower cholesterol. The potassium in Asian pears might also help to reduce your blood pressure.

I advise people who are currently suffering from diarrhea or very loose stools to be cautious about consuming too many Asian pears as it might worsen their symptoms. People who are allergic to Alder or Birch pollen might be allergic to Asian pears as well. If you are unsure whether Asian pear consumption is good for your body or not, contact an experienced TCM practitioner.

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